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When we needed to get a split air conditioner installed in our own home, we found out that that process is a hassle in Hawaii: it takes a long time to get an estimate, the selection is very complicated, it's very, very expensive and contractors often don't even show up or call back. And if you're lucky you'll get it installed within 3 months.

This is when we thought: 'We can do this better. And cheaper!'

The idea for Hawaii AC Pros was born

We offer you a very clear, simple selection of split air conditioners: Mitsubishi, Toshiba or Sanyo compressors. Every set contains an air handler for inside your house, a compressor for outside, 15 feet of lines and insulated piping and a remote control. Delivery to your driveway is free. We can set you up with professional air conditioning installers and electricians. Or maybe you can do it yourself or there's a handy cousin or neighbor.

We want to make air conditioning in Hawaii easy, simple and very transparent

Please feel free to contact us to get a hassle free quote.
And we call you back. Guaranteed.

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Shop our split AC systems available right now. Single zones up to quint (5) zones. From 9,000 BTU units up to 60,000 BTU units.

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