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  • Estimate of the right type and size air handlers per room
  • The right type, size and number of compressors
  • Split Air Conditioning Installation
  • Single AC system Installation
  • Multi zone AC system Installation
  • Air Handlers Installations
  • Mini-Split AC Systems Installation

Air Conditioning Estimate Process

  1. Fill out Schedule an Appointment or call Easy AC LLC at (808) 321-5075 to have one of our technicians visit your home and gather information for calculating your air conditioning system requirements.
  2. During the estimate appointment, we will measure each room of your house. We measure floors, ceilings, and wall, including all the windows, and check insulation in the attic walls, and crawlspaces. Some other factors that go into our estimate is finding out the number of occupants, inside and outside temperatures, shading and roof color.
  3. We will provide you with a copy of the estimate for your information and to help you remember the required air conditioning system is specific to your home.

Free estimate

Contact us today with a request in mind and we’ll have our experts discuss the best solution to go about your request of service. Plan a free estimate appointment online or call us directly at (808) 3215075