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Best location to install split unit AC in Hawaii?

Best location to install split unit AC in Hawaii?

When we plan to install air-conditioner unit in our home or resident,the first thing we must sizing the air-condition suitable with our space need and the air-conditioner types such split unit types.

For split unit types,it have a several design for our choice likes Wall type, Ceiling enclosed types, Ceiling exposes, Cassette type and Duct types.This types is deference design to suit with our application and room size.

This time i want share some tips how to select the best location for split unit type air-conditioner.It important to ensure our installation perfect and the system can operated in full cooling capacity.

It also can prolong our air-condition life span and can avoid unnecessary cost for repairing due to unproper installation works for split unit air-conditioner.It look like a small matter but the impact is big.

What is the best location to install split unit?

1) Near the unit should not be any heat source or steam.

2) Check the space and install the unit in center position of the room to get even air flow.

3) Make sure not be any obstacles blocking circulation and flow of cooling air

4) Check the location where drainage for condensation water can be easily done.If not we can used a external water pump for drainage.

5) Please do not install unit near the door way to get full cooling capacity.

6) Ensure the space indicated by arrows from the wall ceiling,fan or other obstacles.

7) For the best result, installation height for indoor shall be at least 7′ 6″ or 2.5 meter. Please refer manufacture recommended.

Location for Outdoor unit

1) If that area have a covered or awning over the unit to prevent direct sunlight or rain,Please make sure the heat circulation from the condenser not obstructed.It important for high efficiency of heat discharge from condenser.

2) Do not install at area have any animal or plant which could be affected by hot air discharge.

3) Ensure the area surround the outdoor free from any obstacle which may cause the shorted of air circulated of air discharge.

4) Stand up the outdoor unit with block or hang up the outdoor with bolt and nut to ensure it fit and cannot remove easier to a damage and for maintenance or repairing jobs.

5) Make sure distance for for each side of outdoor minimum 1 feet free from any objects or wall for better hot air circulation.


The best way for install split unit air-conditioner is to minimize the pipe line length using the Back to Back method for efficiency and get a full cooling capacity.Place the indoor in the center of room or the suitable place to get a even cooling flow.

For more detail about installation of air-conditioner,please refer to your HVAC contractor or consultant for the best result and worth investment for your money.I hope this post can be a basic guideline how to select the best location for install split unit types of air-conditioner.