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Buy Split Air Conditioner Hawaii? Off-season deals: 50% OFF

Easy AC LLC is the best priced Split AC retailer for & residential and commercial air conditioning systems. Located on the island. Call us for an estimate for new or replacement equipment. Brands: Mitsubishi, Sanyo & Toshiba. From 9,000 BTU up to 60,000 BTU. We will be happy to provide you with quality service. FREE ESTIMATE? Call (808) 321-5075 to speak with us directly or use the contact form.

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What our customers say

  • Great price, thorough installation and good service. I had some problems with the manual after installation. One of the reps came over and took his time for a complete second explanation of the system. Much appreciated. I recommend your services to all my friends and family.

    Brian L. Jones, Residential install

  • Service with Aloha :) Thank you guys. I am very happy with the whole proces. AC is great, runs smooth and silent

    Jane Robert, Sales and instalation

  • GOOD and very competitive price. Split system with 4x handlers. Works great, looks good, silent and efficient (SEER 19.5).

    John M., Quad AC System